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Our team

The hotel's employees are the foundation on which the Schwaigerhof and with it pleasure and relaxation are built. Our experience planner at the reception, our creator of enjoyment in the kitchen, our provider of enjoyment in the restaurant, our relaxation specialists at the spa and our well-being geniuses in the house. They are motivated and active in always offering you the best service and guaranteeing you pampering moments.

Reception team
Heidi Tritscher

Heidi Tritscher from Ramsau, head receptionist

Katja Forster
Katja Forster from Schladming, receptionist
Kitchen team
Leo Mörschbacher

Leo Mörschbacher from Haus, head chef

Elisabeth Gruber
Elisabeth Gruber, Pruggern, sous-chef
Michaela Killinger
Michaela Poschinger from Schladming, sous-chef
Tamara Dörr
Tamara Dörr from Gams, chef

Tihomir Sarkans
Tihomir Sarkanj from Schladming, chef
Helga Reiter

Helga Reiter from Rohrmoos/Schladming, chef

Karl Marchl

Karl Marchl from Selzthal, dishwasher / bellboy

Ivica Orsolic

Ivica Orsolic from Schladming, dishwascher

Ivo Filipovic

Ivo Filipovic from Schladming, bellboy / dishwasher

Service team
Roman Rieger
Roman Rieger from Hof bei Salzburg, bar manager, Diplom baarkeeper and sommelier
Maria Königshofer
Maria Königshofer from Schladming, Chef de Rang
Ingrid Schmid

Ingrid Schmid from Rohrmoos/Schladming, Chef de Rang

Denise Pirolt
Denise Pirolt aus Schladming (born in carinthia), Restaurant manager, Sommelière Austria
Silvia Kickmeier

Silvia Kickmeier from Niederwölz, Chef de Rang, Sommelière Austria

Marion Stieber

Marion Stieber from Irdning, Chef de Rang

Melanie Schwinger
Melanie Schwinger from St. Michael i. O., Chef de Rang
Sabrina Unterweger

Sabrina Unterweger from Schöder, Chef de Rang, Sommelière Austria

Gudrun Kieler
Gudrun Kieler from Schladming, Commis de Rang
Kriztina Hauser
Kriztina Hauser from Hungary, Commis de Rang
Housekeeping team
Roswitha Kieler
Roswitha Kieler from Pruggern, chambermaid
Milena Skocajic
Milena Skocajic from Schladming, chambermaid
Aika Orsolic
Aika Orsolic from Schladming, chambermaid
Zsuzanna Nemeth
Zsuzanna Nemeth from Hungary, chambermaid and service
Eva Matuesek

Eva Matuesek from Gröbming, Wellness area cleaning, chambermaid

Blazevic Dragana
Blazevic Dragana from Croatia, chambermaid and service assistant
Monika Laber
Monika Laber from Latschach, chambermaid
Josipa Blazevic
Josipa Blazevic from Croatia, chambermaid
Natali Zecevic
Natali Zecevic from Schladming, chambermaid
Massage & Beauty team
Stefanie Scheiber

Stefanie Scheiber from Gröbming, cosmetics, foot care, body treatments and massage

Katrin Tritscher
Katrin Tritscher from Ramsau, massage therapist
Heidemarie Reinbacher
Heidemarie Reinbacher from Ramsau, cosmetics, body treatments and massage
Team apprentices and interns
Lorenz Reiter

Lorenz Reiter from Rohrmoos, apprentice catering specialist

Andreas Zechmann
Andreas Zechmann from Untertal, apprentice chef
Anja Walcher
Anja Walcher from Pruggern, apprentice reception and restaurant specialist
Hannah Arzbacher
Hannah Arzbacher from Schladming, apprentice reception and restaurant specialist
Fabian Gerhardter
Fabian Gerhardter from Schladming, apprentice catering specialist
Calvin Seebacher
Calvin Seebacher from Schladming, apprentice catering specialist