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Children's menus & children's buffets

After an eventful day packed with action and fun, your children will be starving and will want a meal that fills them up and especially tastes delicious.
Most favourite meals already at breakfast
Most favourite meals for children
Freshly baked doughnuts - children love them!

Our comprehensive culinary service for children

Since the tastes of adults and children are not always the same, the gourmet chefs of Hotel Schwaigerhof conjure up delicious children's menus or a colourful children's buffet prepared specially for kids and tailored to their tastes. If the little gourmets eat from your colourful children's plates, then it tastes twice as good. Of course, the children can also eat small portions of the regular pampering menus. Replenished, they then go right back to our adventure playground or the playroom for fun and games.

Portions suitable for children
Delicate dessert
We also offer many healthy delicacies

Fun while eating

So that it tastes better, we serve the food from the children's menus on colourful plates. Our delicious children's buffets with fresh, delicious and also naturally healthy ingredients are matched to the particularly refined tastes of the children.