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Chronicle of Hotel Schwaigerhof

The history of the family business goes way back - the name "Schwoaga" was first mentioned in documents around 800 years ago.  Join us and revel in the old days and browse the chronicle of the Stocker family and the Schwaigerhof.
Schwaigerhof long time ago
Schwaigerhof in the fifties
In the sixties, you could already go skiing

1925 - 1956

n the late 1920´s, at the age of 20, Gottlieb Stocker, born in 1906 - Aussacher son, came as successor to his uncle´s farm. A short while later his uncle died and he then followed in his footsteps and inherited the Schwoaga property.
In 1931 he married Hedwig Stocker. Inheritence payments to the relatives of the dead uncle put a strain on the necessary maintenance to the inherited farm.
However, with much hard work and sacrifice they managed to renovate the house, so that they were even able to accomodate youth groups during the war years. A harsh stroke of fate destroyed the happiness and future of the young family when the father, Gottlieb lost his life at the front on 2 nd April 1945 - shortly before the end of the war.
Once again times were hard for the mother, Hedwig as she had to care for four small children as well as the house and farm.
But with lots of energy and god´s help she coped. With the combined efforts of the family, neighbours and staff the property continued to run in the difficult post- war years.
Even in 1954 they were able to accomodate guests and leisure groups.

1956 - 1967

Gradually farm machinery was acquired, eg. in 1956 the first tractor (which still exists and even runs today). As the house no longer met the demands of the time a building plan was conceived. The foundation stone for the new building was laid in 1957.
In the winter season 1958/59 a small ski lift was erected in front of the house.
In 1960 the old farmhouse was knocked down and building work continued. Thanks to the combined efforts of all children the new building was aslo finished in the same year.
in the village as well as in Schladming in the mid 1960`s. On the 14 th May 1960 wedding bells pealed for the bride and groom Toni and Kuni.
Tourism began to grow and the family realised the importance of winter tourism.
Winter in the sixties
In the seventies, we finally have colors!
Hotel Schwaigerhof around 1980

1967 - 1982

As the preparation of the pistes became such a mammoth task a piste-basher was designed and developed.
1968 saw a new turn in the building projects. The first INDOOR SWIMMING POOL in the Dachstein-Region was built, which at the time was warmly received by guests and locals alike.
In the years that followed the house was renovated and the majority of the rooms refurbished with all the latest comforts.
Thus the "SCHWAIGERHOF" became one of the leading hotels in Rohrmoos.

1982 - 1990

When Schladming was granted the ski world championship in 1982, we once again took a risk and planned more building work.
One of our special features was always our farm. Constant improvements guaranteed the continous existence of our farm. Nowadays we don´t have any animals (except 3 cats and in summer 2 rabbits).
The fields are worked and cared for by our neighbour.

Between 1984 and 1988

Sauna renovation, solarium and construction of a heating system run on wood- chippings. Thus one of Toni´s dreams was realised, as working with wood was one of his favourite pasttimes.
Joy and sorrow often come at the same time! On 1.1.1988 our dear mother and soul of the house "Kuni" died all too prematurely at the age of 55 after long illness. Everyone who knew her will remember well of her!

Rohrmooser Erlebniswelt

Also in 1988 work was begun on the "Rohrmooser Erlebniswelt". This mammoth projekt with Styrian room, Adventure Miners´Cellar, restaurants and bars is now run with much energy and personal dedication by Günter (Gottlieb´s brother) and his wife.

1990 - 1994

The whole family had a huge shock in summer 1990 when they learnt that Toni too had that malicious and incurable disease. Our dear father and hotel owner died all to prematurely on 4.11.1991 at the age of 59.
However, time does not stand still and we have also had joyous occasions to celebrate. On 14.11.1992 Gottlieb and Annemarie (née. Knaus) got married. And three healthy children have been born to us, Martina (in 1986), Toni (1994) and Hubert (1995).

"Lasst an guten Alten uns in Treue halten.
Aber auf dem alten Grund Neues wirken jede Stund'.
Am kräftigen Neuen uns laben und freuen."

With the construction of the swimming biotope in 1994 an ideal oasis of relaxation was created in the garden.

1994 - 2002

After 5 month building work the Schwaigerhof has once again grown a little.

What's new:

  • Fireproof stairwell
  • Comfortable lift
  • Reception with hotel lobby
  • 10 new rooms with 10 bathrooms suitable for wheelchairs
  • Internet corner
  • Fitness room
  • Underground tunnel to the barn

2002 - 2009

In the summer of 2005 our biggest building projekt took place (adjacent house) in just 8 months.
With much commitment from the boss Gottlieb, our friend and designer Hans Pacher and designer Peter Fischer (Fischer-Bau), the construction grew. With many new ideas and comfortable facilities it has become one of the top building in the Ennstal region.

Wellness facilities including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, different sauna´s and relaxation rooms are found on one floor. 20 hotel rooms are located on the upper floors as well as a seminar and a fitness room. As we decided to continue heating with wood a new central heating system was also completed.
To make sure our guests have adequate space in our restaurant an enclosed winter garden was newly constructed.
In the following years numerous bathrooms and hotel rooms were renovated, in autumn 2009 the eastern face of the main building was renewed and several rooms were expanded.


In spring 2011 new toilet facilities, as well as a toilet suitable for wheelchairs and an activity room for children and teenagers was constructed. The ski and boot room was also renewed. Located on the ground floor is the comfortable hotel bar with wonderful scene views and for smokers a seperate smoking lounge. One can also watch our team at work at the show kitchen. The south and north face of the building was renewed and the insulation was improved.
The majority of the electrical and installation technic was completely renewed. For the protection of our guests a fire detection system was installed in each room.
As two large spaces remained vacant in the second hotel building four new hotel rooms were built, designed with pine wood.


The hotel's off-season in spring and autumn each year will be used to redesign or renovate the rooms, as occurred in the spring of 2013.

A big dream was realised for us in the autumn of 2013. From this point, the Schwaigerhof was included among the ****Superior Hotels. This additional award represents a significant "extra" in terms of service and performance.

2013/2014 - Construction of our new employee's house, "Haus Lavendel"

We also therefore wanted to invest in our most valuable asset, our employees. The 18 apartments are equipped with a cooking range, Wi-Fi, cable TV and balcony. On top of that, 14 underground parking spaces, 10 free parking spaces and a roof terrace are provided for the living quality of the Schwaigerhof team.


The spring of 2015 was all about the "Zirbe". Building on the great popularity of our Zirben suite, we now have nine double rooms (new Edelweiss room type) and three single rooms fitted out in pine wood. In addition, some bathrooms have been renewed, rooms modernised ...

The hotel´s and family Stocker´s history show what ideas, pioneering work and measures have been undertaken and which are still necessary to be able to offer guests at the Alpenhotel Schwaigerhof an ideal, relaxing and eventful holiday.

Your Familiy Stocker
Form. Schwoaga