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Stocker family

Owing to the premature death of his parents, Gottlieb Stocker took over the operation with his wife Annemarie. With a lot of commitment and pleasure in his work, not to mention something of a pioneering spirit (inherited from his parents), Gottlieb is always responsible for certain improvements and activities at the Schwaigerhof. Annemarie, more in the background, is in charge of the little things around the hotel and the flowers in the garden. Their three children Martina, Toni and Hubert work hard for the operation.
Stocker family
Stocker family

The Stocker family introduces itself

Gottlieb Stocker

Director Gottlieb Stocker
Gottlieb never tires of planning, renovating and building. Like his father Toni and his uncle Rudi, he is always setting new standards and is a pioneer in the hotel and tourism business. After the merger of municipalities in January 2015, he was re-elected chairman of TVB Schladming-Rohrmoos-Pichl. We are confident that he shall set milestones here too.

Annemarie Stocker

Director Annemarie Stocker
It is thanks to Annemarie that the hotel is lovingly furnished and decorated. She is always collecting new ideas from various books and magazines in order to make the Schwaigerhof a homely place for everyone. In her free time, she recharges her batteries on winter hikes, e.g. on the Hochwurzen, or cuts a fine figure on the region's slopes.

Martina Stocker

Junior director Martina Stocker
The Schwaigerhof cannot be imagined without the influence of Martina. She is a real all-round force and helps wherever she is needed. Many of her "little" ideas have a big impact on the business. After a 2-year break, she has rekindled her desire to travel. In the autumn of 2015, Martina travelled in South America for 7 weeks, visiting Peru and Ecuador, as well as the Galapagos Islands.

Anton (Toni) Stocker

Junior director Anton Stocker

Anton remains loyal to Tyrol "in terms of work" and in the winter accumulates new experiences in the kitchen in a 5-star hotel in Serfaus. In the autumn during the shoulder season, he studied for and was certified as an Austrian sommelier. He also manages the well-stocked wine cellar at the Schwaigerhof. Clearing snow in his favourite vehicle, the wheel loader, still puts a smile on his face.

Hubert (Hubi) Stocker

Junior boss Hubert Stocker
Hubert uses the summer to improve his English. For three months, he got to know the area and the people of York, England. He accumulated experience of the service sector at a castle and became acquainted with the food culture of the country, something that is somewhat "unusual" for us. Since October 2015, he has been studying the tourism and leisure industry at FH Innsbruck. In the winter months, during his holidays, he works for us in the service or marketing area.

Depending on the season, around 40 employees are dedicated to you.

In addition to the family atmosphere, having a technically expert and hospitable team supporting it, as well as receiving good cooperation from this team, is also  especially important to the Stocker family.  Only then can an atmosphere that invites relaxation and enjoyment on the part of the guest be created. So everyone at the Schwaigerhof tries to give their best and pamper the guests in every way.