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Yoga at Hotel Schwaigerhof

The new inspiring offer “Schwaigerhof Yoga” from our professional yoga trainer, moativates our guests. Let yourself be surprised! Experience, how your well-being improves and how the serenity naturally enters your body and mind. Come to inner peace with mindfulness and proper breathing techniques.

Personal Yoga
Do you want to address specific issues that are not targeted in group classes? This session offers a customized practice for your unique constitution and lifestyle.

Our summer highlight - Yoga at our natural pond!
Yoga surrounded by nature
Yoga workout

Starting into the day with Yoga

Be honest to yourself!
Not higher, faster, better: what the others do, does not matter. Yoga is about listening to yourself and your body and respecting your limits. It's not about manage yoga somehow, it's about focusing on yourself and your breath and having fun and joy of yoga.

Yoga for a healthy back

In this yoga session, we are dedicated to the back. We want to restore the spine to its natural mobility, strengthen the back muscles, make the fasciae supple and also strengthen the awareness of our backs. A colorful mixture of exercises in spiral dynamics, fascial techniques and asanas (yoga exercises) will be encountered in the units.

Slow Yin Yoga

While we focus on the muscles in dynamic yoga and are more active, in Yin-Yoga we are passive. The focus here is on the deeper layers of the body such as connective tissue and fascia.